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Big Savings for Small Business

Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program

NSW businesses produce hundreds of thousands of black balloons every year that could be reduced.

The Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program has been developed by the Office of Environment and Heritage to help small businesses save money by reducing power consumption.

You can make simple power saving changes across your business that will cut hundreds of dollars off your energy bills and reduce carbon pollution at the same time.

Big savings for small business

Energy efficient businesses can make big savings. For instance, replacing an old, inefficient air conditioning system with a high efficiency system can reduce heating and cooling costs in your office, shop or factory by up to 40 per cent – that’s more than 13,500 black balloons. Or by simply switching to compact fluorescent lighting you can cut lighting electricity use by up to 75 per cent, or save around 32,400 black balloons.

Easy steps to energy efficiency

Follow these simple steps for big savings:

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STEP 4 Install

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Join now

Getting involved is easy. If your business spends around $20,000 a year on electricity or employs up to about 10 people you can join the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program today.

Register online or complete and return the application form below.

If your business is larger, consider joining Sustainability Advantage and identify big energy savings and other efficiences to make you more sustainable.